English bites (2)

God provided us with two ears and one mouth for one reason, an that is this: listen at least twice as much as you talk.

I have always wondered why the Biblie never says at least something related to men when it comes to talking a lot. Why God always has to advice the women to shut up, and never says a thing about men when it comes to this particular topic? Interestingly enough…

4 gânduri despre „English bites (2)

  1. It’s true that God knew the weakness of the woman and that’s why He gave her a special „attention” in the Bible. Men are strong enough to keep their mouth shut, they don’t need His strong hand to do it.
    Hmm…let’s not forget that you, guys, you are also provided with two ears and just one mouth. For the same reason!
    Interestingly enough…:-”

    P.S. şi domnule profesor, îmi scuzaţi gramatica „defectuoasă” şi vocabularul destul de „increat” :”>
    I’ll practice. It’s a promise. :”>

  2. First of all, I am not a teacher, or a professor (meaning an expert in some art, science or other domains, being the highest rank you can get :)

    Second of all, my grammar is as „bad mannered” as yours, don’t worry.

    Yes, we, guys, have two ears and one mouth for the same reason, but to shut up in front of God, when you, women, have to shut up in front of God and in front of men. Twice as many places. That’s why God commands you to do that :) joking, of course

    „Men are strong enough to keep their mouth shut, ” do I smell irony in this statement of yours? :)

    Thanks for being brave enough to utterate something in English. You did extremely well ! :)

  3. hmm…we have to shut up in front of God and in front of you. Twice as many places. got it. that means… we should have four ears ;)) joking, of course.
    Anyway, I prefer to shut up. I’m a good listener :)
    so, keep going with those… useful english bites :P

  4. I like’s that „four ears” idea. A good one! :)

    I will keep going with’em… I’m trying to learn some English. I shall give in the coming days an explanation for these English items

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